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  I rarely cut and paste.  I don't often sprinkle in links, but once in a while I see something worthwhile.  Here are some Pat Condell vids on YouTube that should be interesting to most of you.  Be warned, Condell is a strident atheist and will say things annoying to persons of most faiths from time to time.  Ignore them when they occur and hear the message about the Religion of Peace.  His views of Islamic "carpet chewers" with "chips on their shoulders bigger than a mosque" are so clear and striking that I can overlook wayward comments that make me uncomfortable.
  These are really good, and we in America need to hear this every bit as much as Europeans do.  Enjoy -- if you dare.
  Oh well, while I am at it -- Do you want to have some hope for these people?  Then have a look at this, a very VERY brave Syrian lady, Wafa Sultan:

Liberals ... Losing Another War for America.
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