War and peace-time deaths - time to examine what we're being "told"?

Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Sat Nov 17 14:38:56 MST 2007

At 02:58 AM 11/17/2007, you wrote:

>During the first Gulf war, we lost  less troops than normally would 
>have been expected if the same troops had been left state side.   It 
>was in effect a war with negative casualties.

Hmm - I wonder if the families consider their loss "negative".

>Don 't hold your breathing waiting for the left to honor Cheney and 
>Rumsfeld as the most brilliant architects of war the modern U.S. 
>soldier could have been blessed to serve under.

Brilliant architects?  Read H. Norman Schwarzkopf's biography for his 
take on Cheney, and Cheney's "brilliant" ideas for orchestration of 
Desert Storm.  Cheney's sole concern was his own political image.

Cheney and Rumsfeld are both ego maniacal lunatics - and they are 
boobs. They are a disgrace, and I shudder when I think that my son 
spent years of his life under risk of their architecture.  "Blessed" 
is not the first word that rushed to mind.  In fact, that word hasn't 
made it yet - except for the fact that Rumsfeld is gone.

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