For all you Walmart Lovers your sleeping with Hillary.

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Tue Nov 20 17:43:25 MST 2007

Walmart and Sen. Hillary Clinton
Hillary Caught with Hand in Walmart Cookie JAr
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Jan 24, 2007 

Hillary Clinton fails to let public know about connection to Walmart
Nothing makes a liberal more mad than the success of Wal-mart. But has
anyone told them about Sen. Hillary Clinton’s, D-NY, connection to the
corporation. She has never fully explained it even though she is more
than willing to go out and bash the corporation at Union rallies for not
providing better health care to its workers.

The truth of the matter is that Sen. Clinton was a board member to
Wal-mart for six years and that the Walton family played a huge role in
her husband’s political career. For this help Arkansas Gov. (and later
President) Bill Clinton assisted Wal-mart when it came to the free trade
agreement known as NAFTA. In addition, Sen. Clinton’s Rose Law Firm even
handled much of Wal-marts legal defense.

However the majority of liberals are unaware of Sen. Clinton's corporate
past, including having been a corporate lawyer. These facts are often
overlooked because it is inconvenient for liberals to realize that she
has been part of ‘the system.’

For the last eleven years, the liberal press has been mute about her
connections to this big corporation. The same cannot be said for George
W. Bush and Dick Cheney. The same liberal press has gone to the nth
degree to publicity decry their oil connection.

Perhaps it is time for someone to publicly question her about her
connection to Wal-mart and ask for straight answers. To me she looks and
acts just like another presidential wanna-be. His name is John Kerry.

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