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Sheriff: Women Drugged, Starved Boy

Domestic Partners in Florida Face Aggravated Child Abuse Charges for 
Care of 7-Year-Old

Martin Stevenson

In interviews with investigators, each woman blamed the other for 
leading the abuse, according the sheriff's office documents. Suzette 
Stevenson, right, said that Jamie Lynn Martin didn't like the boy 
because of his mixed race. Martin, left, countered in her interview 
that Stevenson would keep the boy out of school because she feared 
his teachers would notice injuries he sustained due to their abuse.

Nov. 21, 2007

Domestic partners Suzette Stevenson, 45, and Jamie Lynn Martin, 26, 
have been charged with aggravated child abuse after a 7-year-old boy 
illegally in their care escaped from the two women after they 
allegedly drugged him and left him in a car as they shopped for a 
Florida timeshare.

The boy, who is not a biological child to either woman, was allegedly 
tied by his wrists and made to stand in an upright position for hours 
at a time, forced to drink shampoo, was burned with cigarettes and 
had to urinate and defecate in a closet, according the Baker County 
Sheriff's Office documents.

The boy was born in 2000 in California. After his mother became 
involved in drugs, he was taken away from the mother and given to his 
father, Baker County Sheriff Joey Dobson told ABC News. The father, 
who allegedly did not want to care for the child, gave him to an 
aunt, who was in a relationship with Stevenson.

Dobson said that Stevenson then purchased an illegal birth 
certificate for the boy after his aunt, her domestic partner, died. 
"It's not legally sound at all in any way shape or form," he said. 
Stevenson then came to Baker County, Fla., in September 2005 to meet 
Martin, whom she had developed a relationship with over the Internet, 
Dobson said.

The boy got into trouble at a Baker County day care center last year 
after he tried to steal food from his peers. The day care operators 
notified Stevenson, who pulled the boy from the day care and did not 
send him back to school this fall, Dobson said.

Baker County authorities, however, were not formally brought into the 
case until recently, when the two women allegedly brought the boy 
about two hours away to Osceola County, Fla., near Orlando, with the 
promise of taking him to Disney World "if he was a good boy," Dobson said.

Instead, the two women allegedly threatened him with a box cutter and 
left him in a car, drugged with some type of adult sleeping pill, as 
they tried to collect $100 in a real estate promotion awarded to 
anyone who visited a timeshare open house. "These two individuals 
couldn't afford a hotel room, nevertheless a $350,000 time share," 
Dobson said.

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