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Pat Buchanan
NOVEMBER 26, 2007


GLENN: All right. Let's go to Pat Buchanan. Pat, welcome to the 
program. I have to tell you, you have been called everything from 
political genius to a hate mongering racist but more and more it 
seems like more and more people will start calling you absolutely 
right because what you have been talking about for years and years is 
now showing up in everyday living rooms and people are saying, wait a 
minute, this is bad news. Now you've come out with some new 
information. You say America might be over.

BUCHANAN: Glenn, what I'm saying is congratulations on your book.

GLENN: Thank you, sir.

BUCHANAN: What I'm saying is I see a nation which used to be one 
nation and one people even though we were segregated in the 1950s and 
working to end that, I see America decomposing and deconstructing, 
deconstructing, breaking down along the lines of race and ethnicity 
and class and different moralities and I think America's becoming 
what Theodore Roosevelt warned us against, which is the squabble of 
tangling nationalities.

GLENN: Yeah.


of Reckoning
by Patrick J. Buchanan

BUCHANAN: And I think that's happening for a variety of reasons. One 
is the culture of war we are in which has divided us so terribly. 
Another is the mass immigration from peoples, from countries and 
continents who have never before been assimilated. The third is the 
complete collapse of the melting pot that brought our grandparents 
and great-grandparents and sort of forced us all together to become 
something new called Americans. I see all these things happening and 
I think all of us see them out there. And what I'm pointing out in 
the book "Day of Reckoning" is we've got a perfect storm of crises 
ahead and that is one of the biggest.

GLENN: I have to tell you, Pat, I said this 18 months ago. I posted 
on my website and said it on TV and I've got to tell you, I got 
hammered for saying that there is a perfect storm coming. And 
everybody always pulls it apart and says, oh, we're mark, we'll 
survive. And I said, we've never faced this many huge problems. Any 
of these by themselves we could deal with, but they are all coming 
together at the same time, and most Americans do not see this storm 
that is coming, and it is truly frightening if you care about our country.

BUCHANAN: We could just list a few of them. The dollar is heading in 
the direction of the Mexican Peso. We see it every day. You've got 
the United States involved in two wars and the chairman of the Army 
chief of staff says our Army is breaking. We're committed to defend 
50 or 60 countries around the world and we're adding to it when our 
Army is half the size of what we had in the peace time years of 
Ronald Reagan. We see Social Security and Medicare, they are headed 
right down the road toward us.

GLENN: Let me ask you a couple, let me ask you a couple of pointed 
questions, Pat. First of all, I look at Social Security and Medicare 
and I've seen the table of pain that Secretary Snow put out and was 
the reason why he was kind of brushed to the side of what it is going 
to take to be able to survive this economic crush that is coming our 
way. When you look at that and you know the realities, how is it 
these politicians can add prescription drugs and then on top of it be 
talking about healthcare? With the dollar going down, it is almost 
like it's being orchestrated.

BUCHANAN: Well, you know, you sound like me, Glenn.

GLENN: I know, and that scares the bat crap out of me.

BUCHANAN: 10 shows this morning I've been saying exactly that. Look, 
we've got Medicare, Social Security going to eat up the entire 
budget. And we add prescription drugs and now we're going to add 
national health insurance. Look, all this is going to eat up the 
entire budget of the United States, you'll have to double taxation. 
We don't have the money anymore.

GLENN: It's not only that we don't have the money. If you take, if 
you went house to house in America and say, America, I'm going to 
convince you, give me all of your stuff, if Americans gave all of 
their stuff to the government, we still would not be able to cover 
what we're already on the line for.

BUCHANAN: You know, I think I saw it, David Walker, he is head of the 
accounting office of the comptroller general.

GLENN: It's amazing, isn't it?

BUCHANAN: You are talking about $57 trillion in unfunded mandates 
that you are going to have to pay. Where are they going to get the 
money for this? You can't tax everything.

GLENN: You know, Pat, I tell you we tried to get this guy on for a 
while and the policy has always been, GAO doesn't talk about things, 
but this will show you how freaked the people who are not connected 
to the politics of this thing really are. Here's the guy who does the 
numbers crunching and he's now starting to say, to hell with it; I've 
got to tell people about this.

BUCHANAN: Exactly. He is walking around. He is like a Cassandra 
walking around warning us. But I'll tell you, Peterson did a book a 
number of years ago right down this line on Social Security. There 
are others that have done it. There are others, even journalists who 
are saying, what are you going to do about this. And obviously, look, 
the politicians, they don't want to say, well, you know, we may have 
to raise the age of retirement, we may have to cap benefits, we may 
have to do this or that. And that's just Social Security. And as I 
list in my book, Medicare makes Social Security look like a little 
bookkeeping error.

GLENN: Oh, yeah, absolutely. Let me real quick, because I'm running 
out of time and I know we have a half hour with you on television 
tonight. Do you believe, do you believe in the conspiracy theory that 
we have forces in our government, we have forces in global 
corporations and we have forces outside our country that are trying 
to take our sovereignty and push us all together in one European 
Union style government?

BUCHANAN: Sure. I think it's wide open, I think it's right out in the 
open. I think the corporations all consider themselves global. They 
don't like the idea of borders, they don't like the idea of different 
laws. They want the United States, Mexico and Canada united the way 
European Union is so they got one big economic market. All is 
economics. You've got Mexican president Vicente Fox who is out of 
office now is open about the fact that he wants a basic merger of the 
United States and Mexico much like the European countries have been 
merged together. I think this is on the table. I think it is ongoing. 
That is the greatest single threat to American sovereignty. And 
Glenn, while the tremendous battle has been fought by the American 
people to defeat this amnesty bill and to demand action on the 
border, that great coalition sort of dissolves, they go back home and 
these guys are working night and day on K Street and other places to 
move us in that direction. Half of the largest economic entities on 
Earth today are not governments. They're corporations.

GLENN: Yeah.

BUCHANAN: Global corporations.

GLENN: The "Day of Reckoning" and it is here, my friend. And Pat, 
you'll join me for a half hour of television tonight and we'll get 
into this and so much more. I wish you the best and thank you for 
having the courage to stay the course and speak your mind and speak 
out for as long as you have. I think Americans are starting to see 
more and more how right you have been. Pat Buchanan, thank you, we'll 
see you tonight.

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