Smuggler came for free health care, brought drugs

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 From Steve Elliott


As you know by now, Adrete-Davila -- the drug smuggler at the center 
of the Ramos and Compean case -- was recently arrested for smuggling 
a second load of marijuana just as the Ramos and Compean trial was 
getting under way.

This morning as I reviewed the details of this case from the actual 
court records, I discovered something that infuriated me...

+ + Chronology of Davila's second drug smuggling

On October 12, 2005 (the first day of the Ramos-Compean trial) Johnny 
Sutton's office went before the judge and asked that the trial be 
delayed for at least two months because Davila needed surgery.

Sutton's attorneys told the judge that Davila was scheduled to check 
into an Army hospital in San Antonio on October 23, 2005 and would 
need two months of recovery.

Why is the date of October 23 significant?

Because on October 22 -- just one day before he was supposed to check 
into the hospital -- Davila smuggled the second load of marijuana 
which is the subject of his recent arrest.

It seems Davila decided to lump together his trip to the U.S. for 
free medical care with a run of 1,000 pounds of marijuana! After all, 
he was already going to the U.S. for free medical care; no sense 
wasting the trip without doing a little work!

How convenient that Davila had his immunity and green card from 
Johnny Sutton which allowed him to travel freely between Mexico and 
the U.S.! And this wasn't his first drug running trip under Sutton's 
immunity. According to the grand jury indictment, as early as June 1, 
2005, Davila "conspired to import" marijuana and did possess 
marijuana on September 24, 2005 -- in addition to the October 22 smuggling.

+ + Sutton's Star Witness is a lying, cheating drug smuggler

Folks, Johnny Sutton's star witness has been exposed as a serial drug 
smuggler who was willing and eager to manipulate our system -- even 
receive free health care -- while continuing to smuggle drugs.

He used Sutton's immunity as a free pass to move millions of dollars 
of drugs into our country. He even took our free health care. And he 
then sued our government for a breach of his civil rights!

And this was Sutton's ONLY real witness against Ramos and Compean!

Yet Sutton, President Bush and the Justice Department continue to 
stand behind their unwarranted prosecution of Agents Ramos and Compean.

+ + Two Action Items

This week, I want to flood the new Attorney General's office with 
phone calls and faxes from citizens demanding that the government 
stop this unwarranted attack on Ramos and Compean.

Action #1 -- Fax Attorney General Mukaskey, Bush, others

If you haven't done so already, please schedule your faxes today to 
A.G. Mukaskey, President Bush and the other leaders Grassfire has 
identified. We must let them know that we will not rest until Ramos 
and Compean are released and exonerated of these charges.

Go here to schedule your faxes:

As always, if you prefer to send the faxes yourself, we have provided 
the contact information along with sample text for your convenience. 
Just click above.

Action #2 -- Call Attorney General Mukaskey


Talking points:

1. In light of the confirmation of the drug dealer's second drug bust 
around the time of the Ramos and Compean trial-- evidence that was 
suppressed -- I am calling for you to review the circumstances 
surrounding the prosecution of this case.

2. Our government has sided with a serial drug smuggler who has 
broken our laws, lied and cheated taxpaying citizens. This has 
resulted in a horrible miscarriage of justice.

3. I urge you to recommend to the President any and all actions that 
will result in the immediate release of imprisoned Border Agents 
Ramos and Compean.

Thank you so much for continuing to take a stand!

Steve Elliott, President Alliance
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