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Internet love triangle turned deadly

Associated Press
November 27, 2007 at 10:47 PM EST

BUFFALO, N.Y. ­ A 48-year-old man entangled in an 
Internet love triangle built largely on lies was 
sentenced Tuesday to 20 years in prison for 
killing his rival for the affection of a woman he had never met.

Thomas Montgomery, who posed as an 18-year-old 
Marine in online chats, pleaded guilty in August 
to gunning down Brian Barrett, 22, in a parking 
lot at the suburban Buffalo factory where they worked.

The motive was jealousy, investigators said. Both 
were involved online with a middle-aged West 
Virginia mother ­ who herself was posing as an 18-year-old student.

Prosecutor Frank Sedita argued for the maximum 
sentence of 25 years, describing Mr. Montgomery's 
“almost predatory” pursuit of the woman and his 
resentment of Mr. Barrett when she cooled to Mr. 
Montgomery's advances after 11/2 years and 
thousands of pages of Internet chats.


Love Triangle

internet love triangle

Buffalo man sentenced to 20 years for killing a 
romantic rival for a woman he never met
The Globe and Mail

“The chats reveal an obsessive desire to make 
Brian Barrett suffer,” Mr. Sedita said.

Mr. Barrett, a college student who aspired to be 
an industrial arts teacher, was shot three times 
at close range after climbing into his truck at 
the end of a shift at Dynabrade in Clarence on 
Sept. 15, 2006. His body was found two days later by a co-worker.

“My wife and I don't understand how this could 
happen, how such evil could walk the Earth,” Mr. 
Barrett's father, Daniel, said at the sentencing 
hearing. “To gun down a boy over simple jealousy does not make sense to us.”

Mr. Montgomery's lawyer said fantasy and reality 
blurred for the then-married father of two 
teenage daughters, who was involved in his church 
and was president of his daughters' swim club.

“Until September 2006, this was a man who held 
his head high,” lawyer John Nuchereno said. “By 
September 2006 ­ call it an obsession, call it an 
addiction, call it what you want ­ he was 
suffering from a diminished capacity of some sort.”

Mr. Montgomery, now divorced, attempted suicide 
in his jail cell after his arrest. He chose not to speak at his sentencing.

Mr. Montgomery began chatting with the woman, 
identified in court as Mary Sheiler, in 2005. 
Occasionally, the woman would mail packages to 
his home. When one of the packages was 
intercepted by Mr. Montgomery's wife, she wrote 
back, telling Ms. Sheiler her husband's true age and saying he was married.

Mr. Barrett, whom Mr. Montgomery had mentioned in 
his exchanges, was drawn into the triangle after 
the woman contacted him online to confirm what 
she had been told by Mr. Montgomery's wife.

Justice Penny Wolfgang called the situation a 
“consequence of misuse of the Internet.”
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