Terrible Insult to Islam

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Fri Nov 30 11:40:46 MST 2007

Holy cow! 

No pun intended.  Did ya hear the awful rumor flying around the Internet and even on some news channels about the Religion of Piece and the ill-monikered bear?  Yeah, the one about how this poor dumb British woman, teaching in The sedan, er The Sudan, allowed her children to name a teddy bear.  Ha!  Who thinks this stuff up?  Anyway, according to the vicious rumor, the children predictably came up with "Mohamed," piece be all the hell over him.

Well, this filthy and demeaning rumor, which slanders Sudanimites and the Religion of Peace, peas be all over it, too, is saying that the loving, tolerant, kind, merciful, benevolent, hygienic, highly educated and mentally sound denizens of the Heaven-Upon-Earth paradise known as The Seda..., er, The Sudan -- sorry -- wanted to jail the kufir bitch for a year, of course, only after publicly flogging her half to death.  Oh, on account of the teddy bear being named, "Mohamed," pees upon him, I'm sure.  Right!  We're expected to believe that sane, decent people like the Sedanamites would react like this over kids naming a teddy bear, "Mohamed," pees and all that on him.  Give me a break.  Ridiculous!

What a lousy lie to spread about these peaceful and kind Islamic representatives to the world.  Why, the SOB's who perpetrated this gross calumny should be, well, flogged publicly and jailed for a year.  

Hell, I suppose next, you, whoever you are, Mr. Slanderer, would also have us believe that now, in the 21st Century, the demur Sod.. er, Sudanigans, are rioting in their surgically clean streets, screaming for the slightly daft Brit schoolmarm to be killed or beheaded or something.  Ha!  Get a life, Slanderer.  Only a bunch of filthy 13th Century savages would act like that.

Jeez, you'd think it was one those unbearably cruel anti Religion of Peace Khartoums, or something. 


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