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A man who went through the self-checkout station at a Home Depot 
store in Seattle, Wash., accidentally punched the button on the 
computer for Spanish. The man then apparently became "frustrated that 
the machine was speaking Spanish" to him, the resulting police report 
said. The first item he was trying to buy: a pry bar. He used it to 
smash the computer, dropped the pry bar in his shopping cart, and 
walked out. The store said the man, who was not found by police, 
caused $10,000 in damage. (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) ...Good thing 
he wasn't buying a chainsaw.


A security guard at the newly reopened Mustang Ranch brothel heard a 
child crying in the parking lot. He investigated and found a 
2-year-old girl left alone in a car parked there. He brought her 
inside and called the sheriff. Deputies say the girl was probably 
left for two hours in the car in 95-degree heat. She was treated for 
dehydration at a local hospital. Once the father, Lucien Hoffman of 
Bend, Ore., finally emerged from the brothel, he was arrested on 
charges of child neglect. (Reno Gazette-Journal) ...How can a guy 
that stupid afford two hours in a brothel?


"I was just walking along the pavement and heard the police car siren 
coming behind us," says Daniel Horne, 28. He was walking in Beddau, 
Wales, on the sidewalk, and the police car jumped up off the roadway 
and hit him. "The car hit my right leg and I fell over, with my foot 
being crushed under the front wheel of the patrol car."

The apologetic officer took Horne to the hospital, stayed with him 
for three hours as his foot was put in a cast, and then gave him a 
ride home. But Horne's ordeal wasn't over: the officer cited him for 
"criminal damage" -- denting the police car -- which carried an 80 
pound (US$160) fine. He has hired a lawyer to fight the fine -- and 
sue the police. A police spokesman says they have "received a 
complaint from Mr. Horne, and are looking into it." (London Daily 
Mail) ...And will charge a mere 80 pound "investigative fee" for that.


The state of Colorado, assisted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife 
Service, have been working since the 1970s to  try to restore the 
Colorado State Fish, the greenback cutthroat trout, to rivers in the 
Rockies. The University of Colorado just did a study to see how 
they're doing. The result: DNA analysis shows that the fish being 
stocked in the rivers all that time isn't the greenback cutthroat 
trout, but rather the Colorado River cutthroat trout. (Denver Rocky 
Mountain News) ...In related news, the Colorado legislature has 
introduced a bill to name the Colorado River cutthroat trout the 
state's Official Fish.


"Detective Posed as Corpse to Catch Funeral Parlour Vandals" -- 
London Daily Mail headline

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This is True Readers' China Tour starts next week, and Kit and I are 
already on the way to Hong Kong -- I'm writing this on the plane, 
actually, and will send it when we stop in San Francisco. We left a 
bit early since Kit has some meetings there (hey: may as well while 
we're there!) and so I can meet our guide early and be sure 
everything will go as smoothly as possible. But that doesn't mean no 
one is minding the store: Katie will be here to take care of your 
renewal (etc.) orders, and TRUE *should* come out each week on time.

I'll be posting some of the more interesting travel stories on my 
blog, along with some photos and, perhaps, a short video or three. To 
find just those entries on my blog easily, they'll be categorized as 
-- where you'll find our itinerary ...and learn where we'll be going 
on our next trip.

  o o o

THIS WEEK'S HONORARY UNSUBSCRIBE goes to Charles B. Griffith. A 
screenwriter and director, Griffith mostly worked for B-movie 
producer Roger Corman. Griffith wrote the scripts for Corman films 
such as "Attack of the Crab Monsters", "Not of This Earth", "A Bucket 
of Blood", "Teenage Doll", "Creature from the Haunted Sea" and "Rock 
All Night". But he's best known for 1960's "The Little Shop of 
Horrors", where Griffith also provided the voice for the carnivorous 
plant, "Audrey Jr.", who kept urging Seymour to "Feed me!" The film 
was later adapted into a stage musical, which was then itself adapted 
back to a successful film. "Griffith's scripts were very imaginative 
and often quirky and kind of subversive," says science fiction film 
commentator Tom Weaver. "And when you look at any list of Roger 
Corman's early  pictures, those were the ones that put Corman on the 
map." Griffith died at his home on September 28 at 77.
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