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I just sent my petition.  Thanks, John

"John A. Quayle" <blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET> wrote:  Media Research Center
>From the Desk of:
Douglas Mills, Executive Director

John A.,

The leftist smear campaign to silence Rush Limbaugh
continues to rage and I'm again calling on ALL
members of our MRC Action Team to take immediate
action with me!

Senator Harry Reid, who is leading this witch-hunt,
sent a letter to Clear Channel president Mark Mays
denouncing Rush Limbaugh. John A., let's be
clear, his ultimate goal is to silence Rush and
restrain the free speech rights of you and me.

The MRC will not stand for this kind of dastardly
action by liberal leadership or allow the media to
censor and silence our free speech rights. That's
why we are calling on our MRC Action Team to sign
a Citizen Response Letter supporting Rush that will
be sent directly to Harry Reid and Clear Channel.
Click here to see the letter:

++ Action Item -- 50,000 Signatures Needed!

John A., take a moment to add your name to this
important letter and then help me rally an additional
50,000 signatures within the next 72 hours!

Click here to add your name right now:

We cannot allow Harry Reid and the rest of his liberal
cohorts to twist and manipulate the truth to silence Rush
and ultimately, you and me!

++Action Item -- Alert your Friends!

I want to rally 50,000 people to sign our Citizen Letter
over the next 72 hours. John A., after adding your
name I am counting on our MRC Action Team to quickly
forward this message to 25-30 of your family and friends and
urge them to add their names to the letter by clicking here:

Again, we cannot allow this kind of hate-filled campaign to
go unchallenged. That's why I urge you to add your name to our
Citizen Letter and forward this message to your friends and
family right away.

Thank you in advance for taking swift action with me.

Douglas Mills, Executive Director
Media Research Center

P.S: I want to thank EVERY member of the MRC Action Team who responded
to my first alert. My staff informs me that thousands of MRC Action
Team members contacted their Senators and Congressmen condemning
Harry Reid's attack on Rush!

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