Executive Order needed!

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Dear Friends,

Your military men and women do not enjoy the same privileged free 
speech protections as the controversial leader of Iran.

And if that disturbs you as it does me, then this is the time to take action.

I am asking you to add your voice to tens of thousands of concerned 
ACLJ members in support of our chaplains - by signing our PETITION TO 
PROTECT MILITARY PRAYER to President George W. Bush right now.  We 
are going straight to the White House to win this battle ONCE AND FOR ALL!

We need a groundswell of support from ACLJ members and concerned 
citizens across the country.

We must call on the President to act, to put a stop to the censoring 
of our chaplains, to set free the conscience of every chaplain 
serving in our military, and allow unfettered ministry to our men and 
women in uniform.

Congressman Walter Jones has asked President Bush for an Executive 
Order that protects the constitutional rights of military chaplains 
to pray according to their faith.

the American Center for Law and Justice in asking our 
Commander-in-Chief to approve that Executive Order.   Then use our 
forward-to-friend tool to encourage your friends to join our 
nationwide campaign as well.

It is bad enough that our chaplains - ministering to our men and 
women in uniform, some giving their lives for the sake of our country 
- would be targeted this way.

It's even more ironic that the First Amendment is used to protect the 
controversial speech of Iran's President ... but the men and women 
fighting for our freedoms - including our precious First Amendment 
rights - are facing censorship.

But frankly, the danger is even greater because a restriction on the 
freedoms of speech and worship strikes at the very heart of our 
constitutional freedoms.  Freedoms GUARANTEED to you and to me.  The 
danger is ours.


I boldly ask you to do your part.  Please lend your name to our 
nationwide online PETITION TO PROTECT MILITARY PRAYER and let the 
President know where you stand on this important issue.

When you sign this petition, you are making your voice heard in the 
highest office of our land ... the Oval Office.

YOU are asking the President of the United States to take a strong 
stand and protect the constitutional right of military chaplains to 
pray according to their faith.

And of this you can be sure - we at the ACLJ will do OUR part.  We 
will stay on this critical issue and work to protect our chaplains' 
right to pray as they see fit.

But we need concerned citizens to step forward and make their voices 
heard on this crucial issue.

with me now in calling on our Commander-in-Chief to issue an 
Executive Order which would protect our military chaplains and their 
right to pray freely in Jesus' name.  Thank you!

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