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Wed Oct 10 21:26:12 MDT 2007

Just today I was wondering how the Hillary suppirters would react to a bumper sticker Which said - Hillary in 2008/2012, Laura in 2016/2020!

If you believe in coninuing the Bush - Clinton cycle. why do it think some people only want 1/2 the cycle...?  

Charlie Darling

> On Wed, 2007-10-03 at 23:58 -0400, John A. Quayle wrote:
> >          C'mon folks, say it with me: "No more more
> > more retreads!"
> >
> At 05:23 PM 10/9/2007, Carl Spitzer wrote:

> Read my lips NO MORE BUSH's.

         "W" has four brothers (including Neil, infamous for his involvement in the Silverado S & L scandal) waiting their turn. Let's not forget that Clinton has a half-brother <>, a daughter and Hillary has a brother - all of whom could wind up playing a role in government in the not-too-distant future............

         'Scuse me for a moment, while I go for some Maalox.........

John Q.

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