Nobel Peace Prize

Thomas Matiska tom.matiska at ATT.NET
Fri Oct 12 12:09:14 MDT 2007

Just Googled "Gore electric bill" and found an eyeful.  ABC news reported Algore used 221,000 kwh in  '06, which is about 38 times the 5038 kwh I used last year.     He also had gas bills that averaged $1028 per MONTH.   My  heat/hot water for the YEAR was up to almost $900 on '06 (up from $700 in '05).  

This clown consumes enough energy to power the entire city block I live on,  yet is a champion of the environment.   Hillary has voted against ethanol 17 times, yet she is now polling #1 among Dems in Iowa.....   Teddy is busy protecting the coastal environment from evil windmill companies......

Can someone explain today's environmental movement to me... I don't understand it.
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