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Explain it?  Hmmm, Maybe you should give G.K. Chesterton a try in his book Orthodoxy, where he discusses the near futility of reasoning with or about insane people, chapter two or three, as I recall.  Part of enviro-wacko self-destructive thinking is roughly this:  Anything wrong, potentially wrong, or even improbably but remotely possibly wrong with life, the universe and everything must be caused by selfish human beings and nothing else. Nature, after all, is bliss. Therefore, if selfish, environment-damaging human beings cause all this chaos out of the cosmos, like ravening bacteria gobbling up the culture on a Petri Dish, then the answer (the cure) lies in either eliminating the infection (that'd be us), or weakening it to point that Mother Nature regains control.  
  The upshot of this is living in a cave.  And you better not DIG that damned cave, either!
  Kill the virus!

Thomas Matiska <tom.matiska at ATT.NET> wrote:
  Just Googled "Gore electric bill" and found an eyeful.  ABC news reported Algore used 221,000 kwh in  '06, which is about 38 times the 5038 kwh I used last year.     He also had gas bills that averaged $1028 per MONTH.   My  heat/hot water for the YEAR was up to almost $900 on '06 (up from $700 in '05).  
  This clown consumes enough energy to power the entire city block I live on,  yet is a champion of the environment.   Hillary has voted against ethanol 17 times, yet she is now polling #1 among Dems in Iowa.....   Teddy is busy protecting the coastal environment from evil windmill companies......
  Can someone explain today's environmental movement to me... I don't understand it.

Liberals ... Losing Another War for America.
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