Vincente Fox...get your sorry ...

Richard Whitenight rwhitenight2004 at GMAIL.COM
Fri Oct 12 22:52:43 MDT 2007

... wetback loving ass out of our country.

Vincente is concerned about the alarming number of illegal aliens who
commit a crime and when arrested are being handed over to ICE and
subsequently deported back to their home country, most of whom are
from Mexico.

Some facts for your purusal:

   a.  Illegal aliens are by definition ILLEGAL,
    b.  Illegals commit 11% of the crimes in the City of Irving, and
    c.  Illegals make up about 20% of the Texas prison population.

So Vincente, you say you're concerned about how we handle your
citizens who cross our border illegally and when caught committing a
crime are deported back to your wonderful country, and if you don't
care for this action, I have another solution.

How about we treat them for what they are, that being invaders and
shoot them on sight when they cross our border? Maybe a canal or moat
with plenty of hungry alligators? I bet if we did this, you'd be a tad
concerned about your citizens?

At some point in time if our Government does not protect our borders,
we the people are going to take care of the problem.

Richard Whitenight
Arlington, Texas
"God Bless America"

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