Vincente Fox...get your sorry ...

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Sat Oct 13 16:46:21 MDT 2007

         Did anyone watch the O'Reilly interview of Fox? Vicente's 
grandfather was a Cincinnatian, who moved to Mexico to find work, 
according to Fox's new book.

John Q.

At 12:52 AM 10/13/2007, Richard Whitenight wrote:

>... wetback loving ass out of our country.
>Vincente is concerned about the alarming number of illegal aliens who
>commit a crime and when arrested are being handed over to ICE and
>subsequently deported back to their home country, most of whom are
>from Mexico.
>Some facts for your purusal:
>    a.  Illegal aliens are by definition ILLEGAL,
>     b.  Illegals commit 11% of the crimes in the City of Irving, and
>     c.  Illegals make up about 20% of the Texas prison population.
>So Vincente, you say you're concerned about how we handle your
>citizens who cross our border illegally and when caught committing a
>crime are deported back to your wonderful country, and if you don't
>care for this action, I have another solution.
>How about we treat them for what they are, that being invaders and
>shoot them on sight when they cross our border? Maybe a canal or moat
>with plenty of hungry alligators? I bet if we did this, you'd be a tad
>concerned about your citizens?
>At some point in time if our Government does not protect our borders,
>we the people are going to take care of the problem.
>Richard Whitenight
>Arlington, Texas
>"God Bless America"
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