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Right.  I was quoting Bernie's title for his recent book, because it is a pithy snapshot of the characters that have found mainstream outlets for their nonsense.  Meanwhile, where are the voices of bold conservatives who produce, protect, and provide?  

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  We have been down this road before.
After the rise of Hitler in 1933 and Huey Long, senator from Louisiana, who had a mass organization, the Share the Wealth League,  Sinclair Lewis came out with a book (1936), It Can't Happen Here, raising the specter of fascism in America.  This theme is a favorite of the socialists, as they have the same tendencies as fascists toward totalitarianism and restrictions of personal economic, political, and social freedom.  For the socialists, calling others fascists, is SOP as it creates a climate of fear, like the man-made global warming hoax, in which they can offer their crazy solutions as stepping stones to power.
The left is counting on patriots to keep this country safe from terrorists and the illegal immigrant invasion, while like parasites in a host, they gnaw away from inside. Disgusting really.
Naomi Wolf joins Chomsky. "Crazies to the Left, Wimps to the Right."
         Thought that was the book from the former TV news producer who now does commentary on O'Reilly?!?

John Q.

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