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On 10/17/07, John A. Quayle <blueoval57 at verizon.net> wrote:
>  At 09:35 PM 10/16/2007, Carl Spitzer wrote:
> Let us hope they destroy one another and clear the path for Ron Paul.
>          *Dr. Paul is speaking (was speaking?!?) at a forthcoming anti-war
> rally among a whole slate of far, FAR leftist/Communists (like "People For
> The American Way", Cindy Sheehan, etc.) and he's beginning to really worry
> me. His little caboose has disappeared around the bend, I'm afraid. I
> THINK more info is at <www.warroom.com >, but I'm not completely certain
> that it's up yet. I only heard about this on Monday morning's Jim Quinn
> radio show.
> John Q. *

Dr. Paul opposes the war.  He has never made any secret of that.  I also
think (just my personal opinion, of course) that he realizes that he will
need a big steamin' heap of Demmie votes to win, even if every Republican
votes for him.  The Lefty anti-war forum will also allow him to stay "on
message" with the doctrine of smaller, constitutional government, gun
rights, and fiscal responsibility.  Believe it or not, there are lots of
Lefties out there "for" the same things and Mrs. Bill Clinton is playing
badly to the moderate and conservative sections of the Democrat Party.

So, go for it, Ron!  I bring Lefties on board all the time, but you can do
it much better. I've convinced a fair number to cross over to the GOP
primary (very easy to do in Texas) and cast a vote for ol' Ron.

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