Grassroots effort impact Durbin's amnesty push

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Fri Oct 19 20:34:22 MDT 2007 Alliance
 From the Desk of Steve Elliott


I've just received stunning news that amnesty Senators are ready to 
make yet another run at passing the Dream Act as soon as late today or Monday!

Three weeks ago we warned this would happen, and here we go.

According to our sources, the Dream Act will again be offered as an 
amendment to the Labor, Health and Human Services Appropriations bill 
(H.R. 3043) on the Senate floor.

John, this news is breaking right now--meaning Senate staffers don't 
even have the text of the amendment!

But here is what we expect:

     ==Dream Act will grant amnesty to illegals who entered the U.S. 
before the age of 16. Those granted amnesty are likely to have the 
opportunity to petition the DHS to grant their parents legal status. 
In other words-it will become a massive amnesty program, and your tax 
dollars will be expected to cover it!

     ==There will be no caps on numbers or age limitations.

     ==Resident status will be extended indefinitely and provide for 
retroactive benefits.

     ==We expect the amendment will authorize "in-state" tuition 
benefits to illegals.

++ Fast Action Needed

Folks, we've said this before, but passage of the Dream Act will 
become a nightmare for U.S. citizens. That is why Grassfire is asking 
ALL members of our team to take immediate action to STOP THE DREAM 
ACT in two very important ways:

++ Action Item #1--Fax the Senate

     The Dream Act is bad news for the American people, and it must 
be stopped. Schedule your personalized
     Faxfire faxes right now expressing your outrage over yet another 
dishonest attempt to sneak this amendment through the Senate.

     Folks, help us short-circuit this attempt by arrogant, 
disconnected leadership by deluging them in a rising sea of 
personalized faxes--each expressing outrage over the Dream "amnesty" Act.

Click here to schedule your faxes:

I don't want to give these "so-called" leaders any chance to build 
momentum on this horrifying amendment. Nothing would make a better 
statement than to have them come into their offices in the morning to 
thousands of pages of faxes! Click here to take action:

If you don't want to take advantage of our Faxfire technology, please 
click on the link and download the targets and letters to fax 
yourself. Again, I am calling on ALL members of our team to take 
immediate action! Click here to access the fax targets:

++ Action Item #2--Call your Senators!

Without votes of support, this bill is doomed to failure. So please, 
after scheduling your personalized faxes call
your two Senators and tell them TO OPPOSE THE DREAM ACT.

After calling your two Senators, also consider calling
those who are engineering this latest amnesty push:

     Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid--	202/224-2158
     Majority Whip Richard Durbin--	202/224-9447
     Minority Leader Mitch McConnell--	202/224-3135
     Minority Whip Trent Lott--		202/224-2708

Thank you in advance for taking immediate action with Grassfire to 
defeat this latest amnesty push!

Steve Elliott, President

P.S: We must keep the pressure on the Senate by getting more
citizens engaged and involved. After taking action, forward
this message to 25-30 friends and family and urge them to
join with you by clicking here:

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