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At 08:48 PM 10/22/2007, Stephen A. Frye wrote:

>Of course we pay for it. So explain all of this to the builders, 
>tradesmen, excavators, etc who hire these people. They couldn't give 
>crap one less. They care about one thing - the almighty dollar, and 
>their own bottom line. They're trying to save money and accumulate 
>wealth. That's the goal, right?

         Yes, but I think you'll agree with me that they are going 
about it all wrong. Capitalism isn't about exploiting this group or 
that group and stiffing somebody else way over yonder. Capitalism is 
about providing the answer to someone else's needs for a fee.

         Capitalism need not be predatory, destructive, or ruinous to 
one's own country or even neighborhood. Capitalism, like freedom, 
must have solid moral underpinnings or it shall collapse like a house 
of cards. Those thoughts are not mine, but from the learned mind of 
Dr. George Reisman, head of the Economics Department at Pepperdine - 
paraphrased, of course - from his gargantuan tome, "Capitalism". This 
was once of my texts during graduate school. I still have the book 
and refer to it often.

>OK- threaten them with jail for hiring illegals. Well, tell me, 
>how's that working now?

         Can't answer that, Stephen................NOBODY'S actually 
going through with it, to tell you the truth.

>And they weigh the risk: will I get caught, or can I pad my pocket? 
>Which one do you think wins? The buck.  What else?

         That's why it's up to US to ensure our leadership will 
recognize and enforce our border/sovereignty laws. The overwhelming 
majority of legislators in DC believe deep down that Americans are 
truly stupid and have no will to stand up to a threat.

>It all boils down to the short-termed dollar. All the way from the 
>car wash on the corner to Wall Street.  Nothing else matters.

         It all starts with US,, me, and everybody 
on this list - heck, even Jim Nantz and Dennis Putnam!

>Until this thinking changes, all talk like what is written in this 
>quoted post is wasted breath (and pen). Folks simply don't see it 
>when it is removed to the government level.

         It's NEVER wasted unless one grows weary of trying to wake 
the town and tell the people!

>What people see is their own pocket, and their own bank account. As 
>long as those are going up, nothing else matters.

         I think you've over-simplified things, just a touch, 
Stephen..............that's just me, though.

>That's what this country is all about. Make money. As much as possible. Today.

         Is that why you attend Mass every Sunday, Stephen, so you 
can genuflect before Bill Gates and maybe have him light your stogie? 
It's NOT that way for me. I doubt it's that way for Jose Rojas and 
Steve Lieb.........
I also find it difficult to believe that's why Michael Spearing shows 
up at the Synagog once a week.......

>No, I am not writing that such is wrong. Not at all. But it's why 
>illegals get away with what they do. They allow us to appear to save 
>money and line our own pockets. That is how they are milking the 
>system. They are capitalizing on our own greed.

         I'd call it a failure to completely think things through. 
Case in point......General Motors closed a plant in Pontiac 
(Michigan) in 1995, opening a new facility just across the border in 
Mexico. By 1998, GM's leadership had reached the limit in 
frustration. They closed the Mexican plant down and brought the work 
back up here. What was the problem? Oh there were 
several........first and foremost was the cultural differences. A 
lengthy mid-day siesta was not part of the GM training manual. There 
were language barriers, currency issues, yadda, yadda, yadda..........

>Make a buck; turn a blind eye. And competition mandates we provide 
>more for less money.

         Not necessarily..............we cannot and will never be 
able to compete with businesses run with government subsidies, I 
don't care how you slice the bread. That's not "free enterprise" by 
any stretch.

>Illegals often provide the means to achieve that. Sure it's shortsighted.

         GM sure found out.............

>But it's how we operate. We care about today.

         As a kid, I remember when companies prided themselves on 
their products' longevity. Those days are gone. Now, it's make it 
really fast and really cheap so it'll wear out/fall apart faster and 
we can sell more!

>And I don't believe the herein described atrocities and wastes are 
>unique to aliens - legal or illegal. Rather I think they are 
>indigenous to all low socio-economic environments in this country. 
>Poverty fosters anger, resentments, crime and rebellion- across the board.

         That's totally RIDICULOUS!!! My mother grew up in poverty in 
the 1920s. Back then, there were no child labor laws. My mom, her 
sister and brother all took after school jobs to supplement the 
family income by age 8. Nobody dared commit a crime in my 
grandfather's house!!! Back then, people took real pride in a job 
well-done and they left work day after day, feeling exhausted from a 
hard day's activities, but being proud of what they all could 
contribute to the family!

>It knows no boundaries of color, race, nationality, citizenship. 
>Poverty usually expresses itself through desperation. This article 
>clearly demonstrates existing correlation, but not causation as it 
>tries to imply.

         That's complete rubbish! My grandparents didn't feel 
desperation! They were thrilled to be able to be self-sufficient and 
that's how I was raised, too. Nowadays, you're looked upon as some 
sort of freak sideshow if you desire to fend for yourself. This is a 
societal problem and the opportunistic politicians, being the weasels 
that they are, have dangled the bait before us.........buying our 
votes with promises of freebies, using the money they stole from us 
through taxation. This is exactly why I turn purple with absolute 
rage when I hear the Hilldebeast and "Filthy Harry" Reid say that the 
government must provide health insurance for "the children."

John Q. 
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