It's A Culture Thing.

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     A California Girl Says:
Mexicans Really Are Different

>Re: James Fulford's Blog: 
>Medellin In His Own Words
>Debbie In California writes:
>Thank you this additional information on 
>Medellin.  So I guess in Mexico, 
>and murdering innocent girls is just an 
>adolescent act.  After having 
>there even for a short time I can 
><>believe it.
>Here in America, an adolescent act would be 
>trimming your neighbors tree with toilet paper, 
>or­as we did in our small town­move the bench 
>from outside the post office to the main 
>street.  Guess it's just a small difference in cultures!
>I'm amazed at this guy's lack of remorse and 
>sympathy for his victims.  He is an arrogant and 
>ignorant fool, 
>cold blooded murderer and nothing less!   It must be that Mexican pride!
>If America 
>to the international court it is over for 
>us.  Bush is a traitor to We The People, to our nation and our sovereignty!
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