Are You *ANGRY*, Yet?!?

Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Fri Oct 26 16:05:33 MDT 2007

>         I defer to your expertise/longevity....................

Please.  Anything but my longevity.  I am still coming to terms with 
that.  Though I have to admit, I don't object as much as I thought I 
would, but I am also reacting quite differently from what I thought I would.

>>Could be. I can't debate that. But I do believe that history will 
>>reveal even more boobiness about "W".
>         We are so gun-shy (as a society) about discussing 
> conspiracies. However, I'm convinced that anyone occupying the WH 
> anymore is aggressively dictated to by "outside interests" - if you 
> wish to avoid any conspiracy talk (not you in particular, Stephen). 
> Think about this. Nobody in Washington, DC ever climbs into a 
> position of prominence these days without being a member of the 
> Council on Foreign Relations and/or the Trilateral Commission. 
> Anomalies have been Reagan and "W". But, our current President's 
> father has been heavily involved as a member of BOTH groups over 
> the years, as has Dick Cheney. Make of that whatever you will. I 
> digress.........................but, my point is that we don't know 
> how much of Bush's decisions have been "flavored" by these outside 
> interests. I'm convinced that the open borders issue is definitely 
> one and amnesty is another.

Couldn't agree more.

>         Well, I don't think I'd have any credibility by commenting 
> on things I knew nothing about or experiences I'd never endured. 
> OTOH, doing so might qualify me to hold office in DC, though.

I'd likely vote for you.

>         I only need one, Stephen. How have we Americans 
> (Christians, especially) been deficient in Christ's commandment to 
> love one another?!?

One.  OK - you got it.  Blatant racism and bigotry.

>>I believe that with all of my heart. I don't know that I am ready 
>>to answer that. Frankly, I don't care one way or another abut 
>>anyone else answering that. It's not my place. I believe that in a 
>>nation so rich, it's wrong for people to be hungry.
>         I don't know that there are people in America who go to bed 
> hungry out of need. When you add up the public and private dollars 
> spent each year on poverty, you get a staggering figure.
>>I think it's wrong for people to die and suffer because they don't 
>>have enough money. NO NO NO NO NO NO.
>         Did Christ not say "the poor you will always have with 
> you"? Christ knew that poverty wouldn't ever be eradicated over 
> time and the reasons are many.

Yes He did.  Couldn't agree more.  However, that statement is almost 
always quoted far outside of its context.

As a humorous aside - recall - maybe ten years ago, there was a woman 
in this group who cited that same quote.  To wit:"There is nothing we 
can do about poverty.  besides, I have it on good authority that the 
poor will always be here."  She went on to challenge "and it you want 
to get into a war on words, fine.  But when the smoke clears, I'll be 
the one left standing."

I got such a kick out of that I doubt I will ever forget it.

And as for the smoke clearing?  Well, it's worse at my house now that 
the winds have died won than it was during the highest point in the 
fires.  I would say visibility is less than a quarter mile.  And when 
we leave the house (at 4:15 AM, we are greeted with that wonderful 
odorous mixture of cow poop and ash.

>         What more would/could you have this nation do?

I believe that first and foremost we must work harder at truly 
conquering racism.  At the same time, part of the existing problem is 
that any group will be treated differently as long as we continue to 
treat it differently.  Thus Affirmative Action is self-defeating from 
the get-go.  But, as I mentioned in this group about 8 months ago, 
just as we were setting our home for sale, in a really nice community 
in self-proclaimed diverse Southern California, the neighborhood 
committee (made up of folks I thought I had known for fourteen years) 
came over to me and told me that on Maywood drive, we only sell to 
white people.  When our home sold, several of the same committee 
approached to ask me who bought it, and I was totally shunned when I 
wouldn't tell them.

Such ignorance is akin to poverty.  We will never eradicate it 
completely, but we must try.

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