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Check out "The Bullcutter." I published a blurb about that last week. Look 
for "Air America Host Blames'Talk Radio'."

Free (e.g. un-numbered, unmanaged, unmanageable) individual

The Bull Cutter  A blog designed to "cut through the
bull" being Fed you by the liberal media.


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>Subject: Re: Self-Reliance
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>At 08:55 PM 10/25/2007, Stephen A. Frye wrote:
>>>         Me, too, Ray..........I hope he wasn't bumped off or 
>>>anything.............nowadays, one can never be too sure. Liberals will 
>>>do anything to silence our side. And I mean ANYTHING!
>>Didn't, just last week, a liberal radio host accuse the right of doing 
>         Who might that have been, Stephen?!? We don't have any "Airhead 
>America" network affiliates in this area -  a good thing, since liberalism 
>gives me hives.                      ;-)
>         I do recall that Al Franken openly called for Bush's assassination 
>about a year ago, on that silly network. What a positive role model he is, 
>now running for the Senate!
>John Q.

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