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The 8 inchers date back to 1978.  (I date back further).  I don't 
recall the capacity.  We ran them on LSI-11's (which were off shoots 
of the DEC pdp series) with 32 K of ram.  Also recall the RK05 disk 
platter.  About 16 inches in diameter, in these huge plastic cases.  1 meg.

At 04:14 PM 10/27/2007, you wrote:
>They HAD 8" floppies? Sheesh! How big were those computers? (Hee, 
>hee) My first real computer had TWO INCH floppies and you had to 
>turn them around to get to the back side.
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>>>Floppies? What are floppies? Oh . . .I seem to remember . . .those 
>>>are things we used to use to back up our files before they 
>>>invented the memory stick.
>>I still have an 8-inch floppy in a file drawer.
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