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    * Patrick M. Wood
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    * (208) 712-0170
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    * editor at augustreview.com
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Dear Friend,

For years now, associates, activists and readers have told me that if 
the "left" and "right" don't get together on removing the global 
elite from our political system, that we are doomed as a country.

Reason - there isn't enough numbers or clout on EITHER SIDE to do it alone!

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941 there was no 
political bickering between who went after the enemy. Nor did anyone 
care whether the person in the fox hole with them was a liberal or a 

They fully understood that if the common enemy was not thoroughly and 
immediately defeated, that America would be invaded and conquered.

America faces such a dire threat today: America is going down the 
tubes (attacked from within this time) , thanks to the global 
elite/corporate hammerlock on our government.

Well, for all the talk about getting together, few have actually done 
anything about it. That's exactly why I created 
<http://www.leftrightunite.com>LeftRightUnite! for you and all 
Americans who want to start connecting and uniting.

<http://www.leftrightunite.com>LeftRightUnite! is a social network 
utility similar in concept to FaceBook or MySpace. It is NOT a news 
or analysis site. Whatever appears there will be put there by its members.

At <http://www.leftrightunite.com>LeftRightUnite! you can make 
friends, publish and comment on blogs, join groups to hook up with 
special interests or local protests and meetings, etc. In short, it 
is what you make of it.

The rules are pretty simple. Content is limited to issues of 
sovereignty, North American Union, SPP, illegal immigration, 
public-private partnerships, NAFTA super corridors, etc. Everything 
is monitored though, so breaking the rules (cussin', banned topics, 
spamming, for instance) will be pointedly dealt with.

<http://www.leftrightunite.com>LeftRightUnite! is still in beta test 
phase, which means there may still be some changes to the site prior 
to being "fully live." But you are invited to go there, register now 
and get started. You can upload a picture of yourself to your 
Profile, and change Privacy settings on who can see what info on your 
profile and blogs.

You are welcome to use the Invite button to ask friends, family, etc. 
to join the network after you are "in".

<http://www.leftrightunite.com>Go to LeftRightUnite!

Let me know what you think.


Patrick Wood, Editor
The August Review

p.s NOTE: Put in a valid email address! You MUST click a link in your 
registration email to complete the process for account activation!!
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