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My first computer was an Epson.  It had no hard drive, came with a software package called ValDocs and ran on the CPM operating system.  The screen was green characters on black.  It cost a little less than a new Volkswagen.
  It sucked.

Bernie Willis <f16rsdad at JUNO.COM> wrote:
On Sat, 27 Oct 2007 09:48:12 -0700 "Stephen A. Frye" 
> >
> >Floppies? What are floppies? Oh . . .I seem to remember . . .those 
> >are things we used to use to back up our files before they invented 
> >the memory stick.
> I still have an 8-inch floppy in a file drawer.
I still have my Conador 64, complete with floppy's and all the rest of
the system, plus a daisy wheel printer. What a pack rat I am. :=)


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