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John A. Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Mon Dec 1 07:35:43 MST 2008

At 08:46 AM 12/1/2008, Ernie Lane wrote:
>Sure.  And cheating is why he actually could win.
>But cheating only works at the margins; it provides a little boost in an 
>otherwise close race. I guess this contest showed how bad the Republicans 
>had it this year.

         That little video on YouTube entitled "How Obama Got Elected" 
should be ample proof of how bad things were for the GOP.

>I mean, if Al (Freakin') Franken is even close, this tells us something. 
>Given all of Franken's shortcomings, there is no way an _incumbent_, even 
>Norm Coleman, should have had much of a contest.

         Oh, and with all of the baggage BHO is carrying around (Ayers, 
Pflager, Wright, Farrahkan, ACORN, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, etc.) McCain, 
under normal circumstances, would've mopped the floor with that empty suit. 
But, this is an age where there is no more "normalcy" and no more "Fifth 
Column". Everything has been stood on its ear. The media deserves a huge 
assist for the Presidential election and the one in Minnesota, too. Oh, and 
let's also throw in Saxby Chambliss needing a "run-off" in his race.

John Q.

>Nov 30, 2008 11:17:04 PM, <mailto:RUSHTALK at CSDCO.COM>RUSHTALK at CSDCO.COM wrote:
>At 10:11 PM 11/30/2008, Ernie Lane wrote:
>>There is one thing (most) everyone can understand: paying taxes. Why is 
>>this election as close as it is? Norm Coleman must be one hell of a douchebag.
>         Al Franken sure is. But, as for Norm Coleman, I don't really 
> know. I don't live in Minnesota.  Why is the election as close as it is? 
> I'll bet my life that cheating is the root cause.
>John Q.
>>Nov 30, 2008 08:52:02 PM, <mailto:RUSHTALK at CSDCO.COM>RUSHTALK at CSDCO.COM 
>>Ain’t That A Shame?
>>Your corporation, Al Franken, Inc., failed to carry workers' compensation 
>>insurance for employees from 2002 to 2005, according to New York state 
>>officials. That was another $25,000. Oh, you've paid what you owe, 
>>probably because it reflected poorly on your candidacy. Well, guess what? 
>>It reflects poorly for you to even have found yourself in such a mess in 
>>the first place. And you want to represent Minnesota?
>>          Mr. Franken, this country deserves a government consisting of 
>> those who are of upstanding character. You apparently cannot handle 
>> money properly. Bear in mind, too that a Senator represents EVERYBODY, 
>> not just ideological brethren.
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