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Mon Dec 1 15:22:27 MST 2008

John A. Quayle wrote:
>          */Oh, and with all of the baggage BHO is carrying around
> (Ayers, Pflager, Wright, Farrahkan, ACORN, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac,
> etc.) McCain, under normal circumstances, would've mopped the floor
> with that empty suit. But, this is an age where there is no more
> "normalcy" and no more "Fifth Column". Everything has been stood on
> its ear. The media deserves a huge assist for the Presidential
> election and the one in Minnesota, too. Oh, and let's also throw in
> Saxby Chambliss needing a "run-off" in his race.
> John Q./* 
Although a statewide runoff is rare this is not an equivalence.
Chambliss won the larger percentage of the votes by a significant margin
(8% I believe) but in Georgia he must win 50+%. Due to 3rd party
candidates he only won 50-% votes (49.97% IIRC). Thus a runoff is
required by law between the top 2 candidates meaning Chambliss and
Martin. Chambliss is now vulnerable because Obama won and state
Republicans are less inclined to turnout then Democrats. However, polls
still favor Chambliss if the voters turn out as predicted.

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