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At 05:46 PM 12/3/2008, Thomas Matiska wrote:
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>........ Among the low points during his career, the infamous "single 
>bullet theory" that he authored while a member of the Warren Commission, 
>which remains wholly laughable today. - JAQ]
>The original single bullet theory actually in the Warren Commission report 
>is very much fact and remains untouched to this day...... don't confuse 
>the facts with Oliver Stone's rewrite of history.......

         Two things, Tom..........there's no possible way that a single 
bullet can pass through the bodies of two adult men (fracturing the arm of 
one, and nearly decapitating the other), THEN gently land (in PRISTINE 
condition) on the floor of the limo they were riding in!

         Secondly, the Warren Commission refused to conduct ballistics 
tests (using watermelons as targets) after the shooting occurred.

>he isn't a real historian you know.....

         Sh-h-h-h-h!!! Don't let him know that!  ;-)

John Q.
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