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The "pristine bullet" is a  figment of conspiracy theorists imagination.  From an end view it is very "pancaked" from when it tumbled through the bodies.   I have recovered lead tip 150's from deer fired from my 308 that looked prettier.   It is an exception to tumble before mushrooming, ...... but it happens... they don't always mushroom.

Recent piece on the history channel pretty much debunked the conspiracy loonies.   The reaction of the Governor's shirt to the bullet many frame before his apparent reaction show the true timing of the hit.    All major conspiracy fantasies are were well addressed .

If the Warren commission had tried to connect the bullet wounds to the grassy knoll or guy with umbrella without going through the windshield then Mr Stone would have a case.     Stone's film should have had a disclaimer that it was a fiction piece not based on actual facts.


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........ Among the low points during his career, the infamous "single bullet theory" that he authored while a member of the Warren Commission, which remains wholly laughable today. - JAQ]

The original single bullet theory actually in the Warren Commission report is very much fact and remains untouched to this day...... don't confuse the facts with Oliver Stone's rewrite of history.......   

         Two things, Tom..........there's no possible way that a single bullet can pass through the bodies of two adult men (fracturing the arm of one, and nearly decapitating the other), THEN gently land (in PRISTINE condition) on the floor of the limo they were riding in! 

         Secondly, the Warren Commission refused to conduct ballistics tests (using watermelons as targets) after the shooting occurred. 

he isn't a real historian you know.....

         Sh-h-h-h-h!!! Don't let him know that!  ;-)

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