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Saturday, December 06, 2008

I'm Not My Brother's Keeper........
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           The stampede at the Long Island Wal-Mart on "Black Friday" was a 
most hideous peek in the mirror of life for a great deal of us. The 5am 
crowd at that location rushed into the store like mad bovine or crazed 
lemmings, trampling a store employee to death in the process. Furthermore, 
the wild herd kept coming, hurtling over those attempting to help the 
fallen victim, including a pregnant 28 year-old woman. Hardly anyone gave a 
hoot about these people in their unbridled zeal to grab a bargain before 
they all disappeared. The dead man's family is now suing Wal-Mart for their 
loss. While I am sympathetic over the loss of life (in a silly conquest), I 
must disagree with holding Wal-Mart responsible. The animal-like crowd is 
simply modern man. We've become indifferent to the plight of those around 
us. Wal-Mart did not tell these idiots to stampede nor did they have any 
control over crowd behavior in any way.

           Those who should be held accountable are those who did the 
panicked shoving and the stomping to get inside the store. This sort of 
recklessness leads to fistfights and even gunplay. Does anyone recall the 
past disturbances over "Cabbage Patch Kids", "Tickle Me Elmo", and the 
latest Playstation video games? Now tell me, is a Christmas "bargain" 
really worth the life of another? Christmas is a holiday to mark the birth 
of the Savior of the world, not a contest to see who can gather up the most 
goods at reduced prices. We show our love and concern to those for whom we 
purchase these gifts. To kill someone in the process is simply unimaginable 
and totally unacceptable. Modern life has been debased to the point where 
it is simply a race to see who can become the most shallow in the shortest 
period of time. I dare say that we are reaping the results of removal of 
God from the public square, ethics and morals from modern education, and 
decades of equating life with utter trash through abortion.

           Pity the loss of common courtesy in today's world. Kids 
disrespect their elders and think nothing of it. Hell, kids even disrespect 
their own parents and that's no big deal, either. So it seems. That carries 
over into adulthood. I cannot count the number of times I've driven through 
a highway construction zone that has traffic reduced to one lane in each 
direction and signs posted, stating flatly "use both lanes to the merge 
point." Invaribly, there is always a fool behind the wheel of a 
tractor-trailer who blocks both lanes with his rig, preventing anyone from 
getting ahead of him. Because I drive a four wheel-drive pickup truck, 
using the median to circumvent this self-appointed traffic control freak is 
no big deal. I presume these truckers can read traffic signs. I'm forced to 
believe that their indifference to messages these signs convey is an 
overwhelming need to engage in outright ignorance.

           That minor hit for the Flaming Ember from 1970, called "I'm Not 
My Brother's Keeper" has become the mantra of today's living. We are paying 
the heavy price of this type of attitude. Yes, we really are our brother's 
keeper - no matter what we may think. Keep that in mind as you go about 
your Christmas and New Year's preparations.
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