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Words, Just Words!
by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired.

President Bush is alleged to have said of the Constitution, "It's just a 
Goddamned piece of paper." There are many allegations about the President, 
most are bogus and this one probably is too. David Horowitz tells us that 
the Constitution is about the will of the people, and 65 (sic) million have 
spoken regarding the election of Barack Obama, and that challenges to his 
eligibility based on the Constitutional question of whether or not he is a 
"natural born citizen" are irrelevant.  He asserted that since the majority 
voted for him and to deny that victory would disenfranchise the majority 
(despite the fact that Courts override the will of the majority with 

Horowitz is not alone in his view, and they are wrong! If Obama is proven 
to be not eligible under the "natural born citizen" provision of Article 
II, they voted wrong and that is too bad!  If nothing else, the Court has 
the responsibility to define "natural born" and at least bring an end that 
part of the discussion.

If the media had done it's so called, "job" correctly the first time, there 
wouldn't be this series of nagging questions. Some assume that bureaucrats 
are incapable of making mistakes or be complicit in fraud. I do not and 
there is abundant evidence to support my opinion. For those who were around 
or have studied the matter, recall that President Nixon was not above the 
law and resigned.

The media absolutely flunked in its responsibilities because they were too 
busy fawning at Obama's feet rather than conducting objective journalistic 
investigation. If they had expended a fraction of the effort on Obama that 
they did on Palen, it would at least give the impression of objectivity and 
impartiality.  I like "Barry," albeit not his politics; but oppose any 
violation of the Constitution to accommodate an election victory for him
anyone else.

The plain writing of the Constitution is perfectly cogent and clear, and 
when circumstances or events make it necessary to change it, there is an 
amendment process built into the document. On the other hand, there are 
those who believe it is a "living document," that is, the Constitution 
should be interpreted by the Courts in the context of contemporary events, 
attitudes and mores.  That view avoids the inconvenience of amending the 
document and interprets it into achieving a desired end result. Today, some 
idiot stated, "the Court reads the polls." Oh! So, now we do Constitutional 
law by polls?

A legitimate question then arises, "Why have a Constitution since many 
Courts regard it as a 'living document' and arrive at decisions based on 
transient politics, the will of the voters or to protect a special interest 
minority rather than the Constitution's plain language?" The Constitution 
provides the framework for all U.S. Law and to the extent that it is bent, 
manipulated, broken or just plain ignored, it fosters an environment of 
instability and injustice in the entire legal system. The end result in 
such a situation is that legislation could easily become arbitrary, 
capricious and tyrannical. If one is more than casually awake, it should be 
increasingly evident that the U.S. has embarked on that path.

Despite the alleged pronouncement by President Bush or the aforementioned 
commentary by David Horowitz, it is imperative that the Nation adhere to 
the Constitution's provisions and procedures. For Justices to go along with 
or be party to a perversion of the Constitution would be cataclysmic.

In the event that it is factually established that Obama is not eligible 
and the Court does nothing to disqualify him from taking office, 57 million 
voters would have been disenfranchised, not to mention those who voted for 
him who would have voted otherwise if they had known the facts.

If we, the people allow flagrant disregard of the Constitution to occur, it 
will spell the sooner than later demise of the greatest nation in the 
history of the world. However, if that is the nation's collective desire, 
so be it.

I believe that most Americans want to live free; and to the extent that the 
Constitution is perverted, freedom is on the block. Americans should 
collectively demand that it be followed, or changed; not bent, broken, 
manipulated or ignored.

If Obama is certified by the Courts as eligible to serve, assuming full and 
fair consideration of all the facts and issues, we should move on.  If not, 
he should go back to Chicago, or to jail, with due regard and regret to the 
67 million voters who would have been deceived and defrauded.

Otherwise, the Constitution will be, "words, just words," Bush's alleged 
comment would be validated, and those unpatriotic Americans who support 
ignoring it would win a pyric victory. Pyric, because we will either have a 
Constitution or we don't and it would definitely come back to bite them.

The Preamble to the Constitution states among other things, that its 
purpose is to "establish justice
" We'll see how the movie ends.

Semper Fidelis

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