Al Franken's Dirty Tricks.............

Ernie Lane ernielane at VERIZON.NET
Sat Dec 6 19:43:24 MST 2008

John A. Quayle wrote:
> At 07:59 PM 12/6/2008, Richard Whitenight wrote:
>> I swore I heard that Dingy Harry could overrule the voters and allow 
>> Franken to take the seat?
> */         Filthy Harry may believe that he's omnipotent, but he cannot 
> supercede the Constitution, plain and simple!

Art. I sec. 5:  "Each House shall be the judge of the Elections, Returns 
and Qualifications of its own members..."

There was the exact same thing in 2006 in Florida in the Vern Buchanan - 
Christine Jennings election.  It was _real_ close, albeit no apparent 

I don't know if that clause has been tested in Court, but I presume that 
the Court would treat this as they do all such political issues -- not 
get involved.  I think that Reid can, in fact, seat Franken if he wants.

>> On 12/6/08, John A. Quayle <blueoval57 at> wrote:
>> > [He lost, but he won't give in. Franken aims to go the Senate by any 
>> means
>> > possible! - JAQ:]

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