[Fwd: Does a Conservative Democrat represent me better than a RINO ?]

Carl Spitzer cwsiv_2nd at HOTPOP.COM
Sun Dec 7 08:18:31 MST 2008

On Tue, 2008-11-25 at 10:30 -0600, Ernie Lane wrote:
> William White wrote:
> > */ Kondracke who is usually wrong annoys me - not as much as Combs
> who, 
> > I gladly read, is leaving Hanity and Combs.  Kondrake's view that
> Repubs 
> > lost because they were too conservative was pretty much decimated
> by 
> > Ingram, who listed all the liberal positions of McCain, and 
> > then illustrated that those positions did not endear him to the libs
> and 
> > turned off conservatives.  Trying to out lib the libs is a losing 
> > proposition as McCain proved this November./*
> I don't know why these so-called professional politicians don't see
> that it's actually very simple to get a conservative message across,
> and win with it.  I think that whatever the message -- but obviously
> I'm emphasizing the conservative -- if you take a position and support
> it wholeheartedly and with honesty, without spin or pandering, and
> convince the people that it's best for _America_ and not any
> particular group, you'll win.

Your asking for courage of convictions in professional politicians most
of whom are mealy mouth lawtwisters with linguini for spines.  Better to
follow CONSERVATIVE Democrat George Putnams advice and "throw the bums
out; and get a whole new set of bums".

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