Impulse decision ends a 14-year olds life

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Sat Dec 13 13:58:05 MST 2008

I'm an "ET" (electronic technician) for the good old USPS.   I repair and maintain a variety of machines.... letter sorters, flat sorters(magazines),   IJPs that spray bar codes and "Happy Holiday" cancellation on your postage(as opposed to the no longer correct "Merry Christmas" used years ago), etc......

Good job, nice pay, but everything moves at night so kiss the sunshine goodbye.  Few of our folks have bailed out of their automation jobs to a walk a route just to get out of the vampire mode and have a normal life.


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> Thomas Matiska wrote: 
> > My sympathies to the unfortunate driver who I'm sure feels worse than 
> > any of us reading about it in the news. Kid sounds like Darwin club 
> > material..... why take such a risk to avoid a 200 yard walk? 
> > 
> > Tom 
> Tom you make a good point. You've definitely got to feel for the driver 
> of the SUV. Even these days there are still a lot of people out there 
> who have enough respect for human life to feel terrible when they play a 
> role in the taking of a life, even when it's really not their fault. 
> Also Tom it would seem to me that you show way more intelligence than 
> the average government worker. The last I heard you are a mailman. I 
> refuse to use the pc terms letter carrier or postal worker. My dog was 
> a letter carrier once. I put a letter under her collar and she carried 
> it across the room. 
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> "That income tax you know it's nothing more than legal robbery" 
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