Impulse decision ends a 14-year olds life

Jim kd7nnv at GMAIL.COM
Sat Dec 13 14:55:17 MST 2008

Thomas Matiska wrote:
> I'm an "ET" (electronic technician) for the good old USPS.   I repair 
> and maintain a variety of machines.... letter sorters, flat 
> sorters(magazines),   IJPs that spray bar codes and "Happy Holiday" 
> cancellation on your postage(as opposed to the no longer correct "Merry 
> Christmas" used years ago), etc......
> Good job, nice pay, but everything moves at night so kiss the sunshine 
> goodbye.  Few of our folks have bailed out of their automation jobs to a 
> walk a route just to get out of the vampire mode and have a normal life.
> Tom

I understand the  vampire mode.  I work security at a site in downtown 
Phoenix near the ballpark.  It's a big rail yard where they take 
vehicles off the train and store them until they're collected and taken 
to the delers.

It's a good sized place.  See for yourself.  I put a zipped kmz file at
Open it in Google earth and look south of the tracks and east of 7th street.

I have noticed the economy going down the kahzi as there are a lot fewer 
cars there now as opposed to when I started there or the photo at Google 
Earth was taken.


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