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"The Doctor Will See All of You Now"
December 12, 2008 by Phyllis Schlafly
You are sitting in a doctor's waiting room with eight other sick patients 
and the nurse announces: The doctor will see all of you now ­ at the same 
time. That's how the 
Globe recently described shared visits that are being used to cope with the 
long waits now customary in Massachusetts.

Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama are planning that the new Democratic 
Congress's first order of business will be to extend the Massachusetts 
health-care mistake to all 50 states. Like other legislative rush-acts 
(i.e., the 2007 amnesty bill and the 2008 bailouts), details are currently 
withheld to avoid giving members of Congress and the public adequate time 
to analyze the bill before the vote is called.

If Kennedy succeeds in his goal of using the Massachusetts plan as a model 
for national health care, average Americans will no longer get immediate 
access to medical care. They will have the long waits and massive new 
taxpayer costs which the Massachusetts plan has produced.

Defending the practice of group visits, one doctor told the Boston Globe, 
"people came to me with similar complaints and I had these canned 
speeches." The doctor does not ask the patients to take off their clothes 
in front of the group; he makes do with less effective, fully-clothed 

The group session consists mostly of hearing other people's complaints, 
while the doctor dishes out advice in front of all the patients. Privacy 
and modesty are gone, but you can pick up the germs of the other sick 
patients in the room with you.

One doctor observed that "this is not the type of medical care anyone with 
a modicum of intelligence would want." Is this the change Obama promised?

At Holyoke Health Center in Boston, patients wait four months simply to get 
an appointment. This causes some patients to go to costly emergency rooms 
for routine visits.

While emergency rooms are handling routine matters and taking medical 
histories, people who need urgent attention wait in line. In parts of 
western Massachusetts, which is non-urban like most of the United States, 
the wait has grown longer than one year just to get a physical.

The Massachusetts health-care plan is universal and mandatory. The 
Massachusetts plan also introduces other words into the health-care 
vocabulary such as group diagnosis, long waits, rationing, forced taxes, 
and high costs.

The Massachusetts plan forces people to buy insurance they do not want or 
need. Once they are compelled to pay for it, they naturally want something 
for their money, and that crowds out people who really need medical care.

The Massachusetts plan is a fiscal disaster, costing far more than 
estimated, with no end in sight. Massachusetts is wealthier than most 
states, but this plan threatens to bankrupt even it.

The Massachusetts plan forces people to buy insurance under threat of 
having to pay a penalty on their income tax return. Kennedy's staff has 
been quietly meeting with the insurance industry to make sure it will be 
just as happy with a national version of mandatory insurance as it is in 

Massachusetts politicians had promised voters not to worry about costs 
because the state would collect $95 million in fees in the first year from 
small businesses that do not insure their employees. But those fees were 
never collected because small businesses cannot afford this, and taxpayers 
are forced to ante up that shortfall.

Massachusetts taxpayers were not told that this plan forces public funding 
for abortion by anyone who wants one, not only the poor. Kennedy's plan 
will likely try to force Americans nationwide to pay for all abortions as 
the Massachusetts plan does, perhaps by regulations if not by statute.

Massachusetts medical care is beginning to look like Canada, where waiting 
lists, rationing, and travel to foreign countries for care have become the 
norm. Meanwhile, Members of Congress continue to enjoy special gold-plated 
health care not available to most Americans.

Former Senate Majority Leader Thomas Daschle, who is a high-paid 
health-care consultant for a lobbying firm, is expected to be appointed 
Secretary of Health and Human Services. He is holding town hall meetings 
this month to create the illusion of public support for the Kennedy plan.

As HHS Secretary, Daschle will write the 
details that Congress doesn't dare to put in the proposed statute. So much 
for Obama's promise to change Washington, eliminate the influence of 
lobbyists, and avoid conflicts of interest!

Obama is planning to use his giant 
database to pressure Congress into speedy action. Americans will have to 
protest quickly if they want to prevent the mandatory and expensive 
Massachusetts plan from being forced on the country.

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