Impulse decision ends a 14-year olds life

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Sun Dec 14 19:24:06 MST 2008

Same here.  I couldn't have said it better myself.  Thanks Richard.

Richard Whitenight wrote:
> My belated sincere condolences on the loss of your son.
> On 12/14/08, Jack Leon Tomsky <jtomsky at> wrote:
>> Twenty six years ago our son made a similar decision.  He left his car at my
>> father's business the night before, as they had stayed up late talking,
>> before deciding to ride home with my father.  The next morning he heard the
>> subway coming to the suburban station across the street and ran across a
>> wide busy boulevard against a red light, to catch the subway to his job in
>> the city at a bank.  A gypsy cab going too fast - don't they all - couldn't
>> stop in time and knocked him to the ground, into the path of a car going in
>> the opposite direction.  That car ran over his head.  At the hospital he
>> lived unconscious for 8 hours and then he died from brain hemorrhage due to
>> severe brain fracture.
>> It doesn't just happen.   Growing up his father warned him so many times
>> about rushing into the street against a traffic light.  He would just do it
>> again.  So our beautiful and intelligent son is gone - all these years.  His
>> two sisters were never like that.
>> Marilyn Tomsky


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