Impulse decision ends a 14-year olds life

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I am so sorry for your loss Marilyn.


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Twenty six years ago our son made a similar decision.  He left his car at
my father's business the night before, as they had stayed up late
talking, before deciding to ride home with my father.  The next morning
he heard the subway coming to the suburban station across the street and
ran across a wide busy boulevard against a red light, to catch the subway
to his job in the city at a bank.  A gypsy cab going too fast - don't
they all - couldn't stop in time and knocked him to the ground, into the
path of a car going in the opposite direction.  That car ran over his
head.  At the hospital he lived unconscious for 8 hours and then he died
from brain hemorrhage due to severe brain fracture.  
It doesn't just happen.   Growing up his father warned him so many times
about rushing into the street against a traffic light.  He would just do
it again.  So our beautiful and intelligent son is gone - all these
years.  His two sisters were never like that.
Marilyn Tomsky

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