They want to be treated like animals....

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Mon Dec 15 18:08:57 MST 2008

Protesters Demand Animal Treatment at Board of Supervisors
Four arrests were made

Dozens of demonstrators turned out in animal masks at the Maricopa Board 
of Supervisors building.

The group, Maricopa Citzens for Safety and Accountability, said they 
wanted to be treated like animals so they can bring up their issues with 
Sheriff Joe Arpaio to the Board.  The Board of Supervisors usually 
discusses animal adoptions first and have yet to put the group on their 

Monica San-Schafer was one of four demonstrators arrested for 
trespassing and causing danger to the workplace.

"We are here today because we believe that the matter of Sheriff Arpaio 
is a matter of urgency. He is spending a ridiculous amount of money 
going after people who are not violent or dangerous."

Supervisor Andy Kunasek refused to meet with the group or approve them 
to be placed on the agenda.

Go here and look at the picture and note the sign one of them is holding 
up.  I wasn't the least bit surprised to see it.

Good news is four of them were arrested.  Now they have another reason 
to want to be treated like animals.  Sheriff Joe spends $2 a meal to 
feed the police dogs and less than half that per meal for an inmate.

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