Holiday Spirit....FOUND!

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Wed Dec 17 15:11:57 MST 2008

Holiday Spirit....FOUND!

I found your holiday spirit!
It's on a tip top shelf.
(I think that it was taken
by a naughty Christmas elf!)

I want to climb and get it down
so you will feel much better,
and the frown will turn into a smile
in spite of gloomy weather.

But alas! I too am feeling glum
my hubby too is crabby!
I want to feel all warm and fun
but what I feel is "drabby".

Then I look to see my Bible
is resting on that shelf
and I know that is what halted
that naughty Christmas elf!

I read the story of a babe
whoses Mom had it much worse
to have a baby in the barn
sounds like an awful curse!

But that child is what this season
is supposed to be about
and somehow its been twisted and
its time to straighten it out!

Our Lord he came to save us!
He gave his very life!
He took our sins and cleaned us up!
He took away the strife!

We just have to relax and smile
and think about that gift
and all the other worries
will not cause such a rift

So hang the stockings, sing a carol,
Llight a fire and let it burn!
Remember Christ this Christmas
and your spirit will return!
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