Deadly day on Texas highways

Richard Whitenight rwhitenight2004 at GMAIL.COM
Mon Dec 22 19:30:15 MST 2008

Seagoville - A Seagoville mother was driving her vehicle on US 175,
when she drove across a patch of ice, resulting in a one car accident
and the death of the driver and injuring two occupants of her vehicle.
The patch of ice was caused by activated sprinklers from a nearby Auto
Zone. Auto Zone officials advised they are cooperating with the local
police dept. A relative of the family was interviewed by a local TV
station, and the relative made a statement to the effect of "no amount
of money can bring the mother back". I foresee a shark lawyer in the
judicial waters and a law suit for big dollars.

Dallas - Three shootings; two dead. Within minutes of each other, two
truckers shot at on LBJ Freeway, with one driver hit and died of his
wounds, while the other driver was not hit, but his truck was struck
by a bullet. Close to this time frame, two drivers may have been
involved in a road rage incident. One driver pulls to the left of a
driver in a car at an intersection, rolls his passenger window down
and shoots and kills the driver of the vehicle to his right. It's
unsure if the shootings were related.

Drive safe and alert out there.

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Richard Whitenight
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