Deadly day on Texas highways

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Tue Dec 23 05:09:01 MST 2008

At 09:30 PM 12/22/2008, Richard Whitenight wrote:
>Seagoville - A Seagoville mother was driving her vehicle on US 175, when 
>she drove across a patch of ice, resulting in a one car accident
>and the death of the driver and injuring two occupants of her vehicle. The 
>patch of ice was caused by activated sprinklers from a nearby Auto

         How is this possible, Richard?!? I thought there was global 
warming? Why does Dallas now have freezing weather?

>Auto Zone officials advised they are cooperating with the local police 
>dept. A relative of the family was interviewed by a local TV station, and 
>the relative made a statement to the effect of "no amount of money can 
>bring the mother back". I foresee a shark lawyer in the judicial waters 
>and a law suit for big dollars.

         It would certainly sound like they are preparing a whopper of a 

>Dallas - Three shootings; two dead. Within minutes of each other, two 
>truckers shot at on LBJ Freeway, with one driver hit and died of his 
>wounds, while the other driver was not hit, but his truck was struck by a 
>bullet. Close to this time frame, two drivers may have been involved in a 
>road rage incident. One driver pulls to the left of a driver in a car at 
>an intersection, rolls his passenger window down and shoots and kills the 
>driver of the vehicle to his right. It's unsure if the shootings were related.
>Drive safe and alert out there.

         I've been angry while driving before, but NEVER have I reached 
such an explosive plateau, that I felt compelled to blow somebody away. I 
cannot understand this type of thinking, personally.

John Q.  
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