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If Aunt Maude were still reading stories from her storybook, this might 
be one of them.

On the night of December 24 just before midnight, air traffic control at 
Sky Harbor airport noticed an unidentified aircraft coming in from the 
north.  It wasn't transmitting any kind of signal to identify itself 
like most aircraft do.  So air traffic controllers tried to contact the 
pilot, but got no response on the radio.  Also they saw it's course 
indicated it would pass right over downtown Phoenix.

As it approached the Valley, they tried and tried but couldn't get a 
response on the radio.  Because of recent procedure changes and the 
terrorist threat, air traffic control notified Luke air force base. 
They also had the unidentified aircraft on their radar and sent a couple 
of F-16s to check it out.

Getting no response, the fighter pilots each fired a heat seeking 
missile because they couldn't take a chance that it might be another 
planeload of terrorists on a suicide mission.  The pilots reported that 
both missiles hit their target and returned to base.

The next morning KFYI had the following report on a news break:

"The 51 is closed from Glendale north to Cactus because of a downed 
aircraft on the freeway.  So far NTSB investigators have found only one 
victim of the crash, a male described as elderly, overweight and with a 
full white beard wearing some kind of red outfit.  They also say it 
appears the aircraft was carrying some cargo as a large quantity of 
charred and melted toys were found surrounding the crash scene.

Also many surface streets in the Sunnyslope area are closed because of 
an unusual incident.  Phoenix police say the charred remains of several 
deer are scattered across the area."

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