Cleansing problems at KFC

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Apparently they're not alone.  Recently there was some guy at a Burger 
King who did the same thing.  I've seen the goings on at a slaughter 
house where cows were being turned into delicious steak.  That also 
would gag a maggot.  However there is hope for the maggots.  Many of 
them graduate boot camp and become upstanding members of the United 
States Marine Corps.

Thomas Matiska wrote:
> The first parts of the poultry business from the coup to the slaughter 
> house could gag a maggot.....   If those girls had only know how bad the 
> bacteria was in the sinks they would never have taken such a risk...
> Tom
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>  > By now you're aware that three women took a bath in the same sinks
>  > that chicken are cleaned in at a KFC. What was really amazing was that
>  > they could find three girls at KFC with an ass small enough to fit in
>  > a sink.


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