Eat up! Your doctor needs to gas up the car

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Fri Dec 26 16:55:28 MST 2008

Ernie Lane wrote:
> Jim wrote:
>> California doctor finds a new source of fat to make biodiesel out of; 
>> fat from the people he did liposuction procedures on.
>> Eat up so your  doctor can gas up the suburban.  Better yet, when you 
>> go in for liposuction, take the  fat home and gas up your vehicle.
> What always gets me is how some people will think this has commercial 
> applicability.  Notwithstanding whether this could be of any long-term 
> use, can you imagine the infrastructure and logistics involved?  This is 
> the kind of thing which is interesting, but useful only in a lab.
 From what I've seen, the biodiesel is a good idea.  It's just that 
there's not a continuous supply to run the entire country on.  Once I 
saw the dirty jobs program on discovery channel.  The host went to see a 
guy who makes the stuff for his own vehicle.  He collects old grease 
from restaurants and processes it to make fuel for his nissan diesel 
pickup.  He said it costs him about 50 cents a gallon to make the fuel. 
  He gets the grease free, but needs to buy methyl alcohol and lye to 
separate the oil from the glycerin.  Also there is whatever he uses to 
filter out the bits of food before he adds the alcohol and lye.  Also 
there is one extra step if animal fat is involved.  There's something 
else in it that has to be filtered out.

It's a good idea on a small scale, but I don't see it being practical 
for a large scale operation.   A batch of fuel could be ruined if there 
is animal fat in the grease but the people processing it don't know 
that.  If you know the people who own a couple of restaurants and are 
willing to put a little work into it, it's a great idea.  The restaurant 
owner get rid of his old grease for free and you get free or almost free 
fuel for your vehicle.  On the nissan pickup in the dirty jobs show, the 
only modification the guy needed to make to his truck was to replace the 
rubber fuel lines with plastic ones.  The biodiesel makes the rubber 
fuel lines wear out quicker than they otherwise would.


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