Not everyone worships Heir ObombA

Carl Spitzer cwsiv_2nd at HOTPOP.COM
Thu Dec 25 15:50:41 MST 2008

What my friend discovered is a potential pool of people who while
misguided, Clinton supporters, are potential allies if we can turn them
back to America.
of course they will need reeducation in matters such as constitutional
law they have a made a start on their own.
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From: Errol Phillips  

Some Democrats are Sane ! 

I came across this while online - a mission statement from a blog.

Errol Phillips
An Independent


We are a grassroots organization committed to supporting Senator John
McCain's Presidential campaign in the event that Senator Clinton does
not become the Democratic Party's nominee by the time of the November
election. We feel very strongly that Barack Obama is by far, the lesser
choice of the three remaining candidates, and we would rather see
Senator John McCain in the Oval office if this nation cannot have
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton as its President.

We would like to be clear about our motivation. It is not out of
bitterness that we make this commitment, nor is not out of any sense of
racial or gender prejudice. As much as we may not want to see another
Republican administration, we would rather see John McCain in the Oval
Office than Barack Obama. This is about character, this is about
honesty, this is about patriotism, this is about the economy, this is
about what we believe to be best for the country and for the world. To
borrow a phrase from Manuel L. Quezon, our loyalty to the party ends
where our loyalty to the country begins.

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