Not everyone worships Heir ObombA

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         Today's Democrats are so steeped in political correctness, Carl, 
that it's rare to find a handful who exhibit some semblance of common sense.

John Q.

At 05:50 PM 12/25/2008, Carl Spitzer wrote:
>What my friend discovered is a potential pool of people who while 
>misguided, Clinton supporters, are potential allies if we can turn them 
>back to America.
>of course they will need reeducation in matters such as constitutional law 
>they have a made a start on their own.
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>From: Errol Phillips
>Some Democrats are Sane !
>I came across this while online - a mission statement from a 
>Errol Phillips
>An Independent
>We are a grassroots organization committed to supporting Senator John 
>McCain's Presidential campaign in the event that Senator Clinton does not 
>become the Democratic Party's nominee by the time of the November 
>election. We feel very strongly that Barack Obama is by far, the lesser 
>choice of the three remaining candidates, and we would rather see Senator 
>John McCain in the Oval office if this nation cannot have Senator Hillary 
>Rodham Clinton as its President.
>We would like to be clear about our motivation. It is not out of 
>bitterness that we make this commitment, nor is not out of any sense of 
>racial or gender prejudice. As much as we may not want to see another 
>Republican administration, we would rather see John McCain in the Oval 
>Office than Barack Obama. This is about character, this is about honesty, 
>this is about patriotism, this is about the economy, this is about what we 
>believe to be best for the country and for the world. To borrow a phrase 
>from Manuel L. Quezon, our loyalty to the party ends where our loyalty to 
>the country begins.
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