Harry Reid says Income Taxes are voluntary?

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Mon Dec 29 18:26:28 MST 2008

Scary that this man is in any position of authority.

WOW!: This video is proof of Reid's idiocy! Who knew we were all 
volunteering to pay taxes? And this is coming from the 4th most powerful 
man in our Gov't! Yikes!

This shows the lack of "brain power" we have in the US Senate leadership. 
Click on the link below and watch these amazing statements from Senator 
Harry Reid on taxes.  It's incredible and worth watching for the 2-3 
minutes it takes. You won't believe (well, maybe you will) what this 
Senator's position is. This video needs to run on the major networks to 
inform the public - yah, right, run on the main stream media...when pigs fly!

This would be really funny if Harry Reid didn't believe every word he's 
saying, but you can see that he does...sad...what a dope!


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