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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dig Me, Baby! (Colin Powell's attitude)
and Politics

           Colin Powell is clearly impressed with his own importance. To 
that end, he's not that much different than any other entrenched bureaucrat 
in Washington, D.C. Bureaucracy is DC's "smokestack", of sorts and the 
firmly entrenched interests react with anger when anyone come along with a 
mind to pare back government's overstepping its bounds. Powell, who calls 
himself a moderate, has attacked Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh in recent 
weeks. Well, let me fill you in on a little secret. There is no such thing 
as a moderate in DC. Powell's a dyed-in-the-wool liberal and he proved it 
by jamming his thumb into the collective eye of conservatives everywhere 
and voted for Barack Obama.

            Powell has harshly criticized conservatives whom he claims have 
attempted to use "polarization for political gain." Sarah Palin, says 
Powell, was guilty of this during the campaign when she repeatedly talked 
of her "small town values." Of Limbaugh, the retired General opined that 
Rush appeals "our lesser instincts rather than our better instincts." 
Powell is pro-choice, Palin and Limbaugh are not. That sticks in his craw, 
too. Powell believes in pandering to minorities with an "outreach" that is 
based on expanding government entitlement programs and massively increased 
social spending. In the minds of liberals, this is the equivalent of job 
security. The more dependence on government largess they can foster, then 
the more government will need to be guided by "those who truly care."

           What utter balderdash! For more than fifty years, the liberal 
establishment in DC has told the nation's down-trodden in so many words, 
"you cannot make it on your own. You need us to micro-manage your lives." 
This is precisely why we have a permanent underclass in this country today 
and also why America is dead-broke! The idiots in DC are no longer merely 
satisfied with throwing money at the poor in exchange for votes. Now, they 
feel they must rob the rest of us to bail out private enterprise. We're the 
bigger fools for putting up with it!

          Powell's worst affliction, like his liberal brethren, is obvious 
- his head is irretrievably wedged into his rectal orifice. Rush Limbaugh 
and Sarah Palin are the least of his real worries. He needs to sit down 
with members of the growing black conservative community and let them get 
him mind right. He clearly pays no heed to the likes of Drs. Walter 
Williams and Thomas Sowell, Reverends Jesse Lee Peterson, J.C. Watts and 
Wayne Perryman, Ward Connerly, Ken Blackwell, and oh-so many other 
brilliant black voices totally ignored by today's so-called "mainstream 

           Powell is confused about who exactly is out of step in the 
Republican Party. It's undeniably him! To General Powell, if you're 
embarrassed by the Sarah Palins, Rush Limbaughs and rigid conservatives of 
this world, do us the favor of jumping the fence to the other side and STAY 
THERE! Don't destroy the only conservative party in American politics by 
throwing your weight around recklessly. You don't fit, so git!

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